About Hocking Hills Chapel

Reverend Randy Strickland

The Hocking Hills Chapel is the  ministry of Reverend Randy Strickland.  The ministry includes renovation of the old Brown Road Church as the as well as the performance of weddings, etc… in the Hocking Hills region of Ohio.  Hocking Hills region of Ohio offers popular venues for weddings due to its beautiful natural surroundings and rustic charm as well as its proximity to the Columbus Metropolitan Area. As testament, Reverend Randy has performed more than 700 weddings in the Region.  The region is known for its scenic beauty, with forests, waterfalls, and hiking trails, making it a perfect location for outdoor weddings.  For more information, please contact Hocking Hills Chapel.

The Chapel was started in 2010 and incorporated in 2011 with Randy Strickland as the Reverend. The Church acquired the Brown Road Church shortly thereafter. The Brown Road Church was originally a United Brethren church constructed in 1836. It is a traditional one room church. The Chapel has been steadily restoring the building since acquiring it with Reverend Randy leading the labor of love.

Hocking Hills Chapel as it appears in early 2023 with renovations nearing completion

For a small wedding or elopement The Chapel is a perfect choice. As noted, there is no waiting period when getting married in Ohio and there is no requirement for witnesses. That means that you can simply arrive, apply for your marriage license and get married.

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